Marketing & Business Development

DotInDots can assist companies (and their advertising & promotional agencies) in building marketing and new business development programs involving smart cards.

Outside of the technology vendors themselves, there are very few people who understand the "tricks of the trade" involved in smartcards, and even fewer who have looked at the issues from a marketing and promotional viewpoint. DotInDots have the skills to identify the marketing and promotional opportunities along with the analytical knowledge of the business case elements such as technology costs, likely revenue, leverage relationships etc.  

DotInDots, as an Australian company, takes a very pragmatic view of  business development, and will provide an honest evaluation of a programs likelihood of success, steering the program into lower risk areas, and away from technologies or marketing offerings that might create unnecessary risk.

Consultancy Based Approach

DotInDots will work with existing advertising agencies and marketing groups to provide specialised smart card consultancy within existing business infrastructure.  Our objective will always be to provide our specialised expertise at the most appropriate point in the business infrastructure.  We will, where appropriate, build entire programs on a consultancy or contract basis.

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